Tips for Balancing Twins as a New Mother

Tips for Balancing Twins as a New Mother

You are new to this mothering thing, but you not only have one baby to take care of, but two. While you are seeing the fruits of the labor you carried for nearly 10 months, you are exhausted and wondering how you will balance this new lifestyle. Utilize these tips to help get you through these next few months.

Join a Support Group

As a new mom of twins, you are in a select group of individuals who has to meet the need of two babies. Joining a support group can help make this a memorable experience for you. There will be some trying times ahead and it’s always great to have mothers to chat with who are in your exact same shoes. If you can’t find a local support group, try finding an online support group you can utilize.

Ask for Help from Friends & Family

If you have friends and family around, this is the time to ask for help. Don’t feel bad about asking for help so you can get those twin babies taken care of. Asking for help does not make you a weak mother or a bad mother, it’s makes you a smart mom!

Get Paid Help if It’s Available

Sometimes there are no friends or family around to help and you have no choice but to hire help. Before you hire anyone, make sure you screen them well. You only want the best to help take care of your babies. You can always ask for references from close friends. Personal references seem to bring about the best care for hire.

Try to Get into a Routine

Who doesn’t love somewhat of a routine? Just remember that babies won’t fall into a routine right away and they might vary from day to day, but a routine is so nice. At least you can count on getting to bed around the same time each night, right? One can hope.

Don’t Put Pressure On Yourself

When it comes to feeding your twin babies, don’t put pressure on yourself. Sometimes breastfeeding works and sometimes it doesn’t. Twin babies will bring feeding challenges of their own and it will take some adjusting. If your spouse is home, you can each grab a baby to feed. If you are alone, you may have to get a little creative.

As time goes on you’ll learn to cope. You’ll find friends you can talk to and lean on. Your twin babies will get older and easier to manage. For what it’s worth, enjoy each and every stage your twins go through because you’ll never be able to revisit that stage. Do you have any tips to add?