The Final Countdown #NetflixStreamTeam

The Final Countdown #NetflixStreamTeam

Summer vacation is winding down, and if you are anything like the rest of the mothers out there, you are probably counting down the days until school begins. This has been one long, eventful, and super stressful summer – and like many mothers I am guilty of letting my daughter binge on Netflix.  The kids have had free reign for weeks, and have been partying like animals over summer break – but it is time to start easing them back in to school mode.  Luckily, there are some educational TV shows that the kids can binge on to get them back in to “school mode.” 

There are literally so many kids’ TV shows and movies on Netflix, that I can’t even begin to keep track of everything that Ava has been watching – but I know they are appropriate because of Netflix’s parental controls and Kids’ TV section.  With school right around the corner, it is time to encourage the kids to get back in to more educational TV shows, you know so when they show up on the first day of school their brains aren’t completely scrambled like eggs. 

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Reading Rainbow

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Magic School Bus

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The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!


My daughter Ava is only 3 years old and she may not be in school yet – but she sure knows how to navigate her way around Netflix.  Luckily, Netflix has some very educational TV shows available for her age group, that will surely get her ready for school and that dreadful day that I will have to send my baby off to Kindergarten.  Some of my daughter’s favorite educational TV shows on Netflix are “Reading Rainbow” and “The Magic School Bus.”  Netflix also recently unveiled an original series that is perfect for younger kids titled, “Dinotrux.”  The series hails from Dreamworks, and features dinosaur and construction vehicle hybrids who work together to solve problems using their various skills.  There is also a strong friendship theme, which is super important for kids getting ready to head to school for the first time – socializing with other kids is just as important as learning the alphabet. 


If your kids are older and in elementary school, they should definitely be binge-watching a new Netflix original TV show that debuted this month called Project Mc² .  The series is intended for tween girls, and follows a geeky squad of middle school girls who moonlight as spies.  Sure, it has been done a million times before – but Project Mc² is different, this TV show actually tackles math and chemistry while the girls are solving their cases.  When I watched an episode with my niece I was thrilled at how “cool” they made smart girls seem.  Young girls often dumb themselves down to appear more mainstream, but Project Mc²  empowers young girls and teaches them that there is no shame in being a brainiac or a bit on the quirky side.

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Netflix Original: Ever After High: Way Too Wonderland

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Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

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How the State Got Their Shapes

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Odd Squad

Another great TV show for tweens that really gets them back in “school mode,” is Ever After High: Way To Wonderland.  Sure, the kids of fairy tale legends don’t exactly focus on math, science, or history lessons – but they do get kids’ creative juices flowing and they always have an underlying message about “doing the right thing.”  And, hey – who doesn’t want their kids to learn about “doing the right thing?”

Finally, don’t feel guilty about plopping you kids in front of Netflix for half of the summer – we all do it!  But, there are plenty of educational TV shows on Netflix that will help our kids get ready to head back to school, brush up on their reading, writing, and arithmetic – and even teach them some valuable life lessons about friendship in the process.  And, hang in there guys, in just a few more weeks the kids will be back in school – and that means we can start bingeing on our own shows on Netflix again!  Grey’s Anatomy has been calling my name!