7 Ways To Save On Theme Park Tickets

7 Ways To save On Theme Park Tickets

As you plan for summer vacation, these 7 Ways To Save On Theme Park Tickets are sure to come in handy.  Every kid wants to head out to their favorite local theme park, but with ticket prices rising every year it can be tough for mom and dad to make that happen.  These tips will save money and give everyone the best vacation yet. 

Buy passes for off days only.  Many theme parks have an option of a season pass that includes only specific days.  This means many weekends, around holidays and special event days will not be included in your season pass.  This gives you a great discount, but the ability to still see the park on a regular basis with your family. 

Look to local chamber of commerce for discounts.  There are often discount coupons and codes available from the local chamber of commerce near the theme park.  From $10-$15 off a day pass to free parking (often upwards of $20 per car), you can easily save money by asking about discounts in the local community. 

Look at local wholesale club stores for discounts.  Larger nationally known and popular theme parks often offer deep discounts when you purchase passes through local wholesale club stores like Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale. 

Enter giveaways from local radio stations and the park itself.  Most parks will offer free pass promotions in the community either on their own social media or through local radio or television stations.  If you live in the area, begin watching for these promotions early in the year and enter for a chance to win for your family. 

Use student, military or senior citizen discounts.  Don’t forget to ask for discounts associated with things like being a student, being in the military or even being a senior citizen.  Some theme parks even accept AAA and Diner’s Club cards for an extra discount. 

Go on special discounted days.  Some holidays, special anniversaries and bring a friend days mean you can get into theme parks for discounted rates or even free.  This is one of our favorite ways to save on theme park tickets since it also often means special events in the park that aren’t there regularly. 

Go late in afternoon for half day cheaper passes.  Most theme parks offer a lower day pass rate when you enter the park after 4pm.  While you won’t have a full day in park, the lower rate means you can get in cheaper and possibly go for more than just one day.  It is also a time you’ll see more teens and adults versus families with small children.  Depending on your family this could be prime time to ride kid rides. 

As you plan your summer, don’t stress about the costs of amusement parks.  These ways to save on theme park tickets are sure to help your budget go farther and your family to stay happy.  With a bit of planning and research you can save anywhere from a few dollars to 50% off your next theme park ticket purchase.

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