Safe Sleep Practices to Remember for Your New Baby

Safe Sleep Practices to Remember for Your New Baby

The information associated with safe sleep can be a little overwhelming when it comes to a new baby. Have no fear because these next five tips will help you keep everything straight. Safe sleep practices are important because it can not only keep your baby safe but you know you’re doing everything right.

Put Baby to Sleep on His/Her Back

Although everyone has to figure out what works for them, putting baby to sleep on their back has been identified as the safest way to put baby to sleep. Late night feedings and tired parents can make this step a little difficult to remember, but it’s important. Experts also say that laying baby in his or her crib is the safest place, try to avoid putting them to sleep on your bed or leaving them in a car seat.

Keep Everything Out of the Crib

When it comes to keeping baby as safe as possible, you will want to make sure everything is out of the crib. There are breathable bumpers now that help make sleeping safe for baby. Keeping stuffed animals and extra blankets out of the crib is also a smart idea.

Don’t Put Too Many Clothes on Baby

It’s hard to tell what baby needs to wear to bed because they’re so little. Experts say to keep the bedroom at a comfortable setting. Also, excessive clothing is not necessary at night because you do not want them to get too hot. You can always tell if a baby gets too hot because their face will look flushed and their bodies will get sweaty. This isn’t always something parents pay attention to when they think of “safe sleep” practices.

Pacifiers are Said to Help

Although no one can say for sure, pacifiers are actually said to help keep your baby safer at night as they sleep. Don’t panic if your baby isn’t taking a pacifier, but it is something to consider. Avoid putting cords or clips on the pacifiers though, as you don’t want to put any potential hazards in the crib.

Firm Mattress with Tight Fitted Sheets

You go through all of the trouble to make sure there are no stuffed animals or blankets in the crib, but there’s one more thing to keep in mind—always have a firm mattress with the right size fitted sheets in the crib. This keeps everything from becoming entangled and causing problems as your baby sleeps. 

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