Simplifying Your Kids Bedtime Routine

 Simplifying Your Kids Bedtime Routine

Putting your kids to bed on time every night can be a real struggle for many parents.  Simplifying Your Kids Bedtime Routine is simple when you apply a few of our favorite methods. Not only will this help make things better at bedtime, but will help them to sleep better and wake up easier.  Switching up your bedtime routine can bring you and your kids a healthier happier relationship and attitude. 


Get rid of distractions. For at least an hour prior to bedtime, remove distractions like television, toys and video games.  Make this a time to get showers, pick out clothes for the next day and snuggle to read a book. Removing distractions will help your child to fall asleep easier.

Create a bathroom schedule. For many families, bath time happens in the evenings. If you have several children, you will want to create a schedule of who gets their bath or shower at night, as well as who will each morning.  If you skip days with your kids bathing for skin irritation reasons, you can also rotate those days around so there are no longer fights over the bathroom. 

Take the television out of their room. One of the biggest problems with getting kids settled in for a good night sleep comes with the distraction of a television in their bedroom. Not only will they continually ask for just one more show, they can easily get up and turn it back on after you have told them no more.  

Install darkening curtains or blinds. For kids who have a hard time with the seasonal changes in daylight hours, install some darkening curtains or blinds that will help make their room darker and ease  the transition to sleep. 

Pick books for bedtime stories ahead of time. Instead of having the hour long choosing of a book at bedtime, have them pick the book out earlier in the day, or simply pick it yourself.  Instead of lingering over books and struggling to decide, it is already ready for when you tuck them in. 

Creating a good bedtime routine with your kids is easy when you start simplifying your kids bedtime routine.  Stop over thinking things and start eliminating the distractions.  Create a good schedule that allows them to do what is needed with ease.  Getting them in bed for a good night sleep will be easier than ever. 

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