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All those photos logged away on your cell phone are filled with intentions of printing them off. They capture sweet, random moments in every day life thanks to the accessibility and advancements in technology.

You might have high-end cameras that are equally as wonderful, but how often do you lug them everywhere? Smartphone cameras have come a long way and Sweet Pix will help you do something amazing with your cell phone photos.

Celeb Baby Laundry tried out the amazing photo service. It’s simple to use, shipped quickly, and easy to hang photos that don’t need a frame or even nails! The process is smooth and doesn’t require you to be a photographer.

Start by downloading the app, found in the app store, on your phone. Once you have loaded the app, you can access your photos via your smartphone camera and Instagram. From there, the app will guide you through an easy, 4-Step process.

Sweet Pix step by step

1. Pick a photo size. You have two choices: SIX pix on 6×6 inch boards, or FOUR pix on 8×8 inch boards.
2. Select the images you’d like to have printed.
3. Crop the images to suit your desires. Zoom in on faces or move the tool to ensure you get everything you want in the picture.
4. Choose a white or black mounting board.

The photos will then be shipped to your door within 7 to 10 days, after you fill out some info. Super simple!

Once the photos arrive, you won’t need a hammer and nails to hang them. Just unwrap the packaged photos, which are about 1/2 inch thick, but lightweight. Affix the sticky pads to each corner, leaving a small are of boarder between the pad and the photo edge. Decide how you want to arrange the images. There are endless possibilities. You’ll quickly find yourself playing Tetris with them, moving them in different fun patterns.

After you have an idea of how you want your Sweet Pix to be arranged, peel of the tiny layer of protective tape. Gently push the picture against the wall. Repeat with your remaining pix and you’re done! If you find that you didn’t get the photo hung exactly the way you want it – no problem. The adhesive pads are reusable.

The look is simple, modern and high quality. I loved that I didn’t a hammer and nails to hang these or buy several frames to ensure they don’t bubble or fade. Sweet Pix are high quality, water & UV resistant. So, the will last longer than most of your other photos.

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Firsthand Tips and Facts for Using Sweet Pix:

1. Work on a clean surface. It will help ensure your adhesive pads stick even better.
2. You can remove and reapply the Sweet Pix multiple times, but note that it will eventually lose it’s stickiness.
3. If you are debating on whether or not to crop and zoom in, opt to skip cropping. The zoom tool is great, but I noticed a slight dip in the image quality when cropped too small.
4. Incorporate your own wall decals or decor into you display. Make it fun, make it yours.
5. These Sweet Pix are so high quality – they can withstand being hung outside!
6. Currently Sweet Pix is only available in the Apple Store for iOS devices. It will be available on Android soon.
7. All Sweet Pix are made in the USA!

Visit the Sweet Pix website to learn more. Don’t forget to follow the app on Twitter and Facebook too!

Disclosure: Although this post has been generously sponsored by Sweet Pix, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect Sweet Pix. 

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