Honestli App: Be You Without Judgement in an Anonymous Community #Giveaway

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The world wide web is integrated system of millions of people across the globe, interacting, sharing, shopping, reading, writing, and accessing content. It is also a playground where bullies can thrive and your identity can be lost in negative or hurtful comments.

Interaction is the heartbeat of the internet. Social media sites would be a failure, forums would not exist, and feedback or different opinions would never be explored. It’s never easy to state how you really feel, but the web can be full of those bullies waiting to pick a fight, and on your average public domain, you can’t do much about it.

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With Honestli, users have the freedom to say what they think and feel without the fear those internet “trolls” or bullies love to instill. Or, perhaps you’d like to escape friends and family who look at every photo, thought or idea you want to post. The Honestli app allows you to be you – without judgement in an anonymous community.

It’s a completely free, open, and welcoming community that gives you a platform to be who you are, say what you think, and even confess something you have to get off your chest.

The community is based on freedom of expression. It was built to be a home for those looking to enjoy that freedom without being bullied or subjected to lewd posts. You can share anything from your secret hatred of your mother-in-law’s cooking to confessing a mistake you made with a fellow single co-worker during the company Christmas party. It’s totally anonymous and you can block anyone at any time for any reason.

 This is a basic breakdown of the core of the Honestli community…

• Users create their own identity in the community and share what they “Honestli” think and feel about various topics free of judgement.

• The customized topics include: Sports, Work, Life, Entertainment, Celebs, and Politics. Users can select exactly which topics they are interested in ad skip those they aren’t.

• Users can comment on what others are saying in the community. However, you can block anyone who offends or even just annoys you.

• It’s completely anonymous. No real names, user profiles or personal information can be accessed by anyone else.

• Users are free block anyone they may find offensive, rude, annoying, or trolling.

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Trying the app for a firsthand account, I loved how easy it was to set up an account. You can connect with an existing Twitter or Facebook account, but your identity will still remain protected. After selecting the topics I enjoy (Celebs, Life, and Sports were just a few I picked), you are on your way to a judgement-free zone.

It’s all the fun of social networks, but I felt free. It was a sense of freedom to admit things, like I dislike a certain celeb, but have a huge crush on a nerdy one. I could share my real thoughts about the Bears and Jay Cutler, I could even throw out a topic and ask for general unbiased opinions.

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For even more anonymity, uses can log in as a “Ghost” to ensure you are even more comfortable sharing something. So, being a fan of soap operas, I had to check out the confessional. I won’t write about some of the confessions, but I will say I was surprised at the responses some of these “confessions” received. Each comment was supportive or constructive.

I was instantly hooked and agreed to become a brand ambassador for this fun app. I encourage you to just try it out! If you don’t like it, it’s completely anonymous, and you won’t be hounded.

Download the app via iTunes or click this link to go directly to it. You can also find the app via Google Play. Search for it in your store, or click here to go the Honestli app for Android devices.


Celeb Baby Laundry is giving (1) reader a $50 gift card to iTunes or the Google Play Store. All entrants must download the Honestli app and post a comment about your experience at the end of this blog post (confirm via Rafflecopter plugin below), before January 7, 2015. Share your experience via social media to increase your chances of winning!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Honestli. The opinions and text are all mine.

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