Frugal Ways to Save on Baby’s Nursery

Frugal Ways to Save on Baby's Nursery

A baby’s nursery needs to be a safe, cute sanctuary for your little one. There are lots of things that will make your life easier with baby, and the nursery is where they should be housed. However, the costs of giving birth are already high, so you may need to build your baby’s new room on a budget.

Read on for frugal ways to save on baby’s nursery, so you can give your new arrival a nice place without breaking the bank!

Don’t turn away hand me downs!

A lot of baby gear is still in great shape, even after it’s been used by a friend’s little one. You can create a beautiful nursery frugally if you are willing to accept gently used bedding, furniture, or clothing.

Shop consignment stores and sales.

If you don’t have friends and family with babies, consignment shopping can be the next best step in a frugal baby nursery. Most stores and sales won’t accept anything stained or damaged, so you will likely find quality items for much less than retail. Sometimes, you can find consigned items that still have sales tags or sealed boxes.

Consider what baby nursery essentials you really need.

There are so many baby products on the market, that a new mom may feel like she needs them all. Yes, a wipe warmer sounds nice in theory, but are you really going to take the time to fill it every day? When you’re on the 8th diaper change, 4th clothing change, and just want to take a nap? Only consider the basic “must haves” to keep the costs of your baby’s nursery down.

Compare prices before making purchases for the nursery.

Make sure you are getting the best deal before you buy the large items, such as the baby’s crib, mattress, changing table, and baby monitors. You may fall in love with the beautiful cherry nursery furniture at the first retailer you shop, but you might find something comparable for 30% less in price just down the road.

Opt for colors over a theme.

It’s cute to have elephants or ladybugs covering the nursery, but you are then limited in the coordinating items you can buy. Going with a color scheme, however, lets you mix and match items from different brands and stores, reducing your costs. Plus, with a color scheme, you could still include animals, princesses, or sports, just more subtly and frugally. 

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