Great Low Impact Pregnancy Workouts

Great Low Impact Pregnancy Workout

For many of us pregnancy means extra weight gain, but it doesn’t have to mean you get out of shape. There are tons of Great Low Impact Pregnancy Workouts out there that can help you keep the extra pounds at bay while strengthening your body for labor and delivery. Whether you invest in a workout video, take a class or chat with your doctor about continuing your current regimen, keeping in shape during pregnancy is very important for your health now and after delivery.

Great Low Impact Pregnancy Workouts

Yoga & Pilates: Both of these are great ways to get exercise, but mostly to give yourself core strength and relaxation. The stretching involved in both of these are excellent for those sore muscles and aching hips of pregnancy. Low impact, simple and great for all body types, these are great workouts to do while pregnant. We enjoy the 10 Minute Solution: Pregnancy Pilates DVD. It has great short routines that can fit into any schedule. They also are perfect for newbies or those who have limitations.

Walking: Continuing to walk during pregnancy is one of the easiest things you can do to keep fit and still be safe for your baby. Whether you stick to the treadmill, use a walking in place workout video, or you head to the local track to make laps – it is a great low impact pregnancy workout. The best part is that it fits into your daily life with such ease.

Swimming: If you have a pool or have a local pool/gym membership this is one of the best low impact workouts you can get while pregnant. Not only will the water help relieve the stress of added pounds due to pregnancy, it will provide you with a comfortable low impact workout. For those who have pain issues in their legs, hips or lower back with pregnancy water walking or light swimming is a great solution. It allows you to loosen those muscles, build strength and relax without all the pressure of the added weight of pregnancy.

Low Impact Aerobics: There are tons of classes you can look into, but using a fun video series on low impact aerobics for pregnancy is easy and great. These often include simple steps and moves that simply get your heart rate up a bit and body moving. We love the Denise Austin Fit & Firm Pregnancy DVD. Always low impact and easy to follow this is great for the person who simply wants to do a little something extra at home to help stay in shape.

No matter what your level of experience is prior to your pregnancy, these are all excellent sources of exercise while you await your baby. Always check with your physician before beginning any exercise regimen. As with anything during your pregnancy, there are chances you simply don’t want to take. Make sure to check out all options and be clear with your doctor what you want to do, as well as what you feel capable of doing. All physicians will work with you on what they feel is a safe level for you and your child. Most of all, enjoy these months because they will be over all too soon!