Katy Perry Will Soothe and Babysit Your Crying Baby

Katy Perry may not be a mother yet, but she already has the magic touch when it comes to soothing car troubled toddlers. And the pop queen herself has now offered her services as babysitter extraordinaire. 

In THE cutest viral of the summer, this little girl is elated when Miss Perry’s Dark Horse comes on. She already understands the connection between music and emotion, and her display of joy leaves viewers with a happy feeling. 

Capturing this priceless reaction after fussing about in her car seat, has seen this baby’s raise-the-roof skills go absolutely viral.

In fact, Katy herself acknowledged the sweet clip. She tweeted a link with the caption:

Available for babysitting at 10 dollars an hour & 4 Oreos.

With these results, can’t say I’d turn the offer down. 



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