Back to School Preparation: Tips For Parents – Getting Your Children Ready For A Good Start

Back to School Preparation: Tips For Parents - Getting Your Children Ready For A Good Start

Getting back into the swing of things can be hard after a month or more off of school. Nervousness about attending a new school or even a new grade can cause butterflies in the stomach and cause undue stress for parents of school age children and of course, the child. Careful planning will help to make going back to school much easier. Here are some back to school tips for parents that will make the transition much smoother.

  1. Prepare– No one likes to be ill-prepared for any task. Going back to school is no different. Give yourself enough time to prepare for the new school year. Make sure school supplies and school clothes are bought at least a month ahead of time. This way any frustration with school shopping will have disappeared.
  2. Take the Child to School– It would be beneficial for you to take your child to the school before school actually starts. Familiarize them with the schoolyard and building before the crowds arrive. Doing this will help to relieve some of the nervousness they may be feeling.
  3. Prepare the Night Ahead- Have all their school stuff laid out the night before. If they are going to be eating lunch at school, prepare this the night before so you are not rushing around and putting stress on your child.
  4. Be on Time– Whether you are dropping your child off to school or picking them up afterwards, make sure to be on time. Remember to work around their schedule, not theirs, at the start of a new school year. Nothing makes them feel worse than being the last one in the classroom or schoolyard, waiting to be picked up.
  5. Wear a Smile– Whether you had a good day or a bad one, make sure to have a big smile on your face when you go to pick them up at school. Giving them positive vibes is important as they will also try to respond to you with positive feedback.
  6. Talk to Them about Their Day– Talk to them about what they did for the day. Ask if they happen to have any old classmates in their class. Ask about outdoor recess and the lunchroom. Find out if they had a tour of the school. Discuss anything else related to school that they can share with you. Open communication helps to dissolve fears and lessen tears.
  7. Let Them Discuss Their Day– Although you may be excited to share their school day with others in the family, remember it is their time to shine. Let them be the one to tell all about their school day. It will help to build a line of communication with other family members so they can turn to them, if you are not around and there is a problem at school.
  8. Get to Know the Teachers– It is important that you get to know the teachers and just what the curriculum will be. You can also discuss their expectations and relay any vital information that may hinder your child’s ability to learn or partake in a particular activity. Discussing this as soon as possible will help the teacher understand your child sooner. It will also make the schoolroom setting a little less stressful for both parties involved.

Following these back to school tips for parents may make the time your child spends at school much more enjoyable. Keeping the lines of communication open will let your child know to come to you or another family member should something occur during the school day which made them uncomfortable or emotional.