Mommy Tips: How to Organize a Diaper Bag

How to Organize a Diaper Bag

Keeping a diaper bag stocked and ready for your everyday outings can be quite the challenge. It is important to have the things you need and be able to find it while you are juggling your sweet little one, your purse and your own necessities. Keeping it organized is the most difficult challenge of all. It is way too easy to just throw things inside while your little one needs your attention but this will inevitably cause big problems later on or worst case scenario you end up with a really smelly diaper in the bottom of your bag. Eeeeek! So just how do you organize a diaper bag?

I think it would be easier to talk about the important essential items to keep in your diaper bag first. There is a fine line between having what you need and stocking to many things in the bag. Lugging around a baby or toddler and a heavy bag is very hard on the back. Day in and day out this can play havoc on your spine and that is exactly what we don’t want to happen.


  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Diaper rash ointment or cream (travel size works well)
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra clothes
  • Blanket
  • Something to sooth (pacifier or stuffed animal)
  • Sippy cup or baby bottles
  • Bio-degradable bag for storing dirty diapers
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Nursing essentials
  • Bib
  • Medicine

If you have room you may also want to include…

  • Toys or books
  • First aid kit
  • Camera for catching those perfect shots!

The main thing to keep in mind when organizing a diaper bag is to not over pack. Chances are those items that you think you may need (the key word being may) you probably won’t ever use! If you do need an item once you get out and about you can always run into the store and grab it and just add that item to the necessities list for next time.

I have found that having a diaper bag with plenty of mini pockets on the outside is a must have when it comes time to organize a diaper bag. These pockets †help keep things from getting lost within the big center pocket and makes it very easy to grab and use and return without having to open everything up and start digging. Have one of these outer pockets hold a diaper, package of travel wipes, and a bio degradable bag for easy access when on the road.

If an outer pocket is not available or large enough to store a diaper in have a separate pouch that you can keep at the top of the large opening in the bag. Make sure it is big enough to hold the diapers, wipes and changing pad. That way you can just open grab the bag and have it ready for all your baby changing needs.

Plastic Zip-lock baggies can be a momís best friend! Use them to store you babyís clothes in. Place the clothes in the bag and zip it until it is almost closed. Now push all the air out of the bag and finish zipping it shut. Voila! You will have an instant vacuum packed bag that takes up half the space and it will keep your outfits neat, organized and clean!

Have plenty of zippered pouches in different colors to hold different categories to help keep all the little items organized. Using a red pouch for any medicine or a first aid kit will make it easy to find when you need it. You might even find it beneficial to have a pouch just for you. Sometimes it is easier to keep your wallet, keys and sunglasses in your diaper bag to keep from lugging your purse into each and every store.

Remember to dispose of any dirty diapers as soon as you get back home and replace any clothing that you may have used. Throw the dirty clothes into the laundry hamper and take a quick look inside your bag to see if any items need replacing. Tidy it up and have it ready for the next outing. It is much easier to do this when you get home then when you are rushing to get somewhere!

Do you have any tips on how to organize your diaper bag that you can share with us today?

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