The Greatest Father’s Day Step by Step


If you want to give your father the greatest Father’s Day, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps. As you modify this step by step plan, just remember that the very fact that you took the time to do anything at all is going to be appreciated by a loving father.

Plan Ahead

Make sure to plan ahead using different scenarios. If your father doesn’t like surprises, you may even want to check with him first before you make plans. Otherwise, plan a day that will let him know the things that make him shine in your eyes. What are some of your best memories with your father? Your first fishing trip? The first time you threw a baseball? Maybe he was the first man to buy you flowers.

Recreate those memories in one day. Create a list of the things that you want to do again with your father. You can modify the details so that they are feasible for one day. Visit the park you used to go to as a small child. Eat a hotdog in your first baseball field. Plant a small garden with the same kind of flowers he gave you on your first Valentine’s Day. Recreate the memories so that your dad knows you aren’t just feeding into the Hallmark moment trend, but actually celebrating him as a father.

Wake Up Ready for a Day with Dad

Father’s Day starts the moment you wake up. Join your father for breakfast, cook him breakfast, or take him out to breakfast. While you are enjoying your morning meal, gauge his mood to see what he might be up for. Does he seem like today is going to be a physically active day? Maybe he prefers a casual day relaxing. You should have multiple options to choose from if you planned ahead. Remember that this day is about celebrating a loving father, so it should focus on his enjoyment. Create a sense of excitement so that your father knows you really want to celebrate this day.

Give Thanks

End the day with thanks. Many children never get to experience the things your father did with you. This day is about him being the best father he could. He will try to thank you for the day, but you really need to be the one to thank him.

There is no cookie cutter greatest Father’s Day theme. Each child has their own experiences to draw on. The greatest gift to any father is the fact that you remember those experiences and have the urge to relive them with him.

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