8 Household Chores To Avoid During Pregnancy


Whether you are experiencing an ultra smooth pregnancy, in serious nesting mode (read: cleaning, prepping, making everything perfect) or just like things done a certain way – there are still some household chores that you should pass on to avoid any risks or discomfort. So shift the work and ask for help, especially when it comes to the following 8 categories. 

Heavy lifting. You should avoid lifting heavy items, especially after the first trimester. You don’t want to increase the strain on your back when your body is already going through so much change. You will be carrying the weight of the fetus and your centre of gravity is moving forward.

Avoid the risk of back injury and discomfort by asking for some help when it comes to unpacking baby furniture, carrying in the groceries, rearranging your living space, taking out the garbage and carrying loads of laundry. 

Changing the Litter Box is a no-go for expecting mothers. Steer clear of the litter box and avoid any exposure to toxoplasmosis which could harm you and your baby. Experts also advise to get your litter box changed daily and if you have to come into any contact with it, to wear rubber gloves. 

Refinishing Furniture. It may seem like the perfect time to refinish that baby furniture, but it’s best left to someone else. You should avoid chemical solvents present in furniture stripping products, paint removers and varnish that pose a safety concern to you and your baby. 

Painting the Baby’s Room. While this is an exciting task in preparation for your newborn, beware that many paints and sealants give off fumes that can be dangerous to your unborn baby. Sanding or scraping old paint can release toxic particles into the air you breathe. If you are working in a pre-1970 home, be cautious as lead-based paints were often used during this period. (If you think your home may contain lead, contact an environmental home assessor.) Select a water-based paint designed for indoor use and always check the label for lead or mercury. If any of your renovations involve oil based paint, be out of the house while it’s being done (and leave time for it to dry). 

Dealing with bugs. Avoid bug sprays. The effect of pesticides and chemicals during pregnancy is unclear. So be safe and keep away from the ant and roach spray. Get someone else to handle pest control. 

Cleaning the oven and using harsh chemicals in general. Oven cleaner is another product you should avoid coming into contact with. If you can’t avoid doing household cleaning, switch from harsh chemical based products to natural options – (which work really well!). You can also look to vinegar, baking soda and lemons as natural cleaning solutions. 

Cleaning Curtains, Ceiling Fans and Windows. Avoid anything that requires climbing or balancing on chairs or ladders. Pregnant women are more vulnerable to falls and the impact can be dangerous. 

Sweeping, Mopping and Vacuuming. Sure, it’s ok to sweep up small spaces, but mopping up a huge area may aggravate your lower back. Lugging around the vacuum cleaner also puts a strain on your back that you could do without. If you are absolutely committed to clean and shiny floors, take lots of breaks in between. 


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