Outdoor Fourth of July Games That Kids Won’t Tire Of


Fourth of July is an exciting time filled with fun games and fireworks. It’s the time of year when you gather together with family and friends to cookout and spend some quality time together. However, while the adults are talking and reminiscing about old times, you need something for the kids to do so they won’t get bored and restless. Below are three fun Fourth of July games for kids that will keep them happy and entertained throughout the day.

Outdoor Fourth of July Games That Kids Won't Tire Of


Cornhole is a fun and interesting game for kids of all ages. All you need to do is find a level spot and set the boards up across from each other. Regulation distance is 27 feet apart but you can move them in closer for young kids. You can play with two or four players at a time. With four players you choose partners and they stand opposite of each other.

You have four bean bags per team and the object of the game is to toss the bag into holes in the board on the opposite side. Each player will throw all four bags at a time. You get 3 points for all bags that go into the hole. If the bag lands on the board it’s worth one point. Equal points cancel each other out and the team reaching 21 first wins. Of course, you don’t have to keep score if you don’t want to.

Flag Relay Race

No Fourth of July party is complete without a flag relay race. Place small flags in a container filled with sand. Use one flag for each player. You’ll need to choose teams so you’ll need an even number of players. The kids will form two lines at the starting point and when you say “GO”, the first two kids will race to the flags, grab one and march back to the starting line. Once they cross the line the next person will do the same. The first team to get all their flags and march back across the starting line wins the game.

Important Note: Make sure you have them march and not run because of the danger of pointy things and eyeballs. The last thing we need is for the kids to get impaled on a flag for the fourth.

Water Balloon Toss

Fill balloons with water and have all the kids pair up in twos and stand a couple of feet across from each other. Have the kids toss the balloon to their partner and take a step backwards. Each time a balloon bursts, that team is out and the last team with their balloon unpopped wins.

These Fourth of July games for kids are fun and entertaining for all ages. Make sure you have a little something special for all the kids to take home. Put together little gift bags with toys appropriate for different ages and you’ll be a hit with every kid at your party… and their parents, too.