Fun With Colors App: Inspiring Creativity While Learning About Colors

Fun With Colors App

My almost 3-year-old daughter, Ava, has been attending a local playschool / preschool for the last three months. At her age, she is being introduced to basic principles like colors, shapes, the alphabet and counting. Learning is done in a relaxed and natural way by relating concepts with everyday life. 

I try to inspire her to learn in the same way when she is not at school. Being that she is already tech savvy, I often promote interactive learning with apps that are specifically designed to make learning fun. The new app from Bastei Entertainment, Fun With Colors does just that. The app which is beautifully designed teaches the colours of the world to preschoolers with a variety of activities to inspire creativity and intellectual growth.

Designed for children between the ages two to five, Fun With Colors offers children three unique interactive activities when using the app – story, color identification game and painting/drawing. Each app relates colors to children through objects they encounter in the world everyday. Fans of the Reggio Emilia approach will enjoy the interactive animation and captivating sound effects that allow children to freely investigate while expressing themselves through painting, play and reading. 

The picture book features a tale of friendship and harmony between the primary colors. The story is interactive and the easy-to-follow narration helps children to absorb the information much better. Developers had early readers in mind when adding written text during the narration. While the characters speak the words of the colors are highlighted in the same color.

The read-along features narration in English, German, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil), and Turkish for children who are learning more than one language. The sensitive story-telling is also done by a native speaker in each language. 

Fun With Colors App

In the two color-identification games, beautifully drawn illustrations come to life with animation. Preschoolers fill-in the correct color of familiar images to help them recognize the color of objects around them. When children choose the wrong color a postitive fun sound rings which negates the negative response of choosing the wrong color. My daughter particularly enjoyed the animal color identification game. When the appropriate color is matched the animal comes to life and makes its own unique sound. 

With the paint and draw mode children can creat a masterpiece of their own! The color options are the same as previously taught to help children become more familiar with the colors while inspiring their imagination. Unlike many drawing apps, the Fun With Colors drawing experience is easy for small children to use.  The controls are really intuitive and child-friendly.

My daughter enjoyed that each individual design turns into a snake that travels through and darkens after it is painted or drawn. Ava really thought the animation was amusing and laughed out loud. The drawing experience was definitely the highlight of the app for her. 

It should be noted that Fun With Colors doesn’t directly advertise to children. There are no in app advertisements and the app doesn’t try to entice young children to buy other apps. With Fun With Colors you will not have to worry about accidental spending!

The app is $2.99, and available on iOS, Android, Samsung and Amazon.

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Disclosure: Although this post has been generously sponsored by Bastei Entertainment, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect Bastei Entertainment