Discover the Lasting Benefits of Arts and Crafts -Take the Let’s Bond Pledge!

Ava Crafting

I’ve always been interested in the creative arts. As a child, my favorite class in school was art and my mom spent a lot of time taking me to or local craft store. As a I grew up, my interest in the arts became more broad. You could say I am a sort of Art History buff and besides reading up on the subject as much as possible I have taken a fair amount of University level classes on the subject.

Seeing how the arts have been so important to me, I try to promote creativity within my own home. I believe promoting your child’s creativity is important to their development. A child getting in touch with their creativity side can definitely help them better understand their feelings and spark their interests in other academic topics. 

Since the birth of my daughter, Ava, almost three years ago, I have made so many things with her! She is just like mommy and loves activities that spark her creative side. If I ask her what she wants to do she screams, “MAKE STUFF”! I seriously have a drawer full of her arts and crafts. Joking aside, I love crafting with her because it’s a perfect way for us to spend quality time together and bond. 

I recently discovered that Elmer’s teamed up with accomplished researcher Richard Rende, Ph.D., to further explore the benefits arts and crafts can offer children in the early years of growth and development. His research revealed that creative interaction between parents and young children engaging in activities like arts and crafts not only provides immediate and lasting cognitive benefits, but also creates a unique bonding experience, which creates lifelong memories.


That’s why Elmer’s created the Let’s Bond pledge.  It’s a pledge to take some time each week to bond with your children while creating memories you’ll cherish forever through simple arts and craft projects.  I took the pledge last week!  

Elmer Pledge

If you’d liked to take the pledge too head on over to Elmer’s Glue website. Upon signing up, you will receive a easy craft to make with your child. You can also get started by browsing the website to find something truly special you can create together. All the activities are easy and perfect for children of all ages. 

Disclaimer: Celeb Baby Laundry has not received any payment as a result of this blog post. I enjoy crafting and wanted to share the pledge with my readers. All opinions are my own.

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