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With the advancements of technology it has become harder to monitor what our children watch and for how long. Children not only have access to a TV nowadays, but tablets, phones and computers that can provide every type of entertainment you desire. Without constant supervision it’s possible for children to spend way to much time watching their favorite shows and even coming across programming that is not family friendly. 

My 2½-year-old daughter, Ava, loves TV! She took over MY iPad at a young age and is almost able to work the tablet better than me. Needless to say, by this point she knows how to use video streaming services. This creates a problem for me as a parent because it is almost impossible to monitor her usage at ever moment. I fear the minute I turn away she will come across something I don’t approve of.


That’s why I was happy to learn about a new streaming service, Kidoodle.TV which combats the worries parents have when letting there children watch TV. Kidoodle.TV is safe, ad-free and gives parents the ability to customize the service according to their preferences for their children. 

Unlike other video services, Kidoodle.TV has kids-only content. Meaning, no worrying that your child is going to come across something that’s not family friendly. Choosing content based on your child’s age or on a show-by-show basis is also easy. Kidoodle.TV will actually sort programs by recommended age and it’s possible to make up to 5 custom kids’ profiles. 


One of my favorite features it that the service gives parents the ability to place time limits on viewing through the secure Parents Room. This makes it easier to balance my daughter’s time spent watching her favorite programs. The hysterical crying when I tell her it’s time to put her iPad away is completely avoided. The show will simply stop playing when the time I have allotted runs out. 

Kidoodle.TV can be used anywhere as long as there is access to to the internet. I often let my daughter watch the service while my husband and I take her to eat at our favorite restaurant on the weekends. We always laugh because it seems like all the other parents have the same idea! 

My daughter loves watching Caillou and has started to watch a lot of the retro programs. Kidoodle.TV is bringing back a lot of good memories for this 80’s child! To say I was obsessed with My Little Pony as a kid would be an understatement, so I’m pretty excited when watching the episodes again with my daughter! I could probably watch the episodes all by myself. Wouldn’t that be funny? 

Visit Kidoodle.TV to learn more. 

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