Babysuiting: The Latest Internet Baby Trend


Get in on the latest internet trend and get your little one suited up. That’s right, babysuiting is a thing. 

The popular instagram posts are funny and easy to get into.

Lay out a buttoned up suit and tie on the floor, insert baby, snap a picture and include #babysuiting to join the stream of mini-CEOs invading virtual boardrooms across the world. 

Popular snaps include everything from mom/dad’s work gear, buttoned up collars,  colourful ties, and a range of babies – some looking notably convincing and very comfortable in their grown up gear. Get creative – some posts include everything from hockey gear to work uniforms – and not enough girl babies are representing. So get snapping! 

Baby suiting comes following a stream of fun baby picture ideas – my favourite including Queenie Liao amazing nap-time adventures (you can read about it here). Check out the latest trend in creative baby photography that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face – baby included.