Pregnancy Pomegranate Mango Sugar Scrub & Lavender Foot Soak #DIY


It’s time pamper those sore pregnancy feet!

My sore and swollen feet is one thing I remember most about pregnancy. Not only did my feet grow in size, but walking became increasingly more difficult as my due date approached. To say the least, it became frustrating and made what I call my ‘pregnancy attitude’ come out in full affect.

That’s why while pregnant you can’t forget to pamper yourself every once in awhile. How do you do that? How about trying this easy DIY yourself sugar and foot soak. Easy to make and inexpensive, your feet feet will thank you while you sooth those pregnancy hormones with some self-pampering.

Lavender Foot Soak

1 cup Epsom salt
5 drops lavender essential oil
2 tablespoons dried lavender
Tubes or jars
Funnel, mixing bowl, mixing spoon

Add the Epsom salt and dried lavender to a medium bowl, and add the essential oil. Stir to combine.
Using the funnel, pour the salts into the tube or jar.

Directions for use: Fill a footbath or tub with several inches of hot water. Add the bath salts and soak feet for 20-30 minutes.

Pomegranate and Mango Sugar Scrub

Scant 1 cup sugar
Soft Soap Pomegranate and Mango body wash
4oz canning jar
Add about a 1/4 inch of soap to the bottom of the jar and pour the sugar in. Stir in a little bit more soap until the sugar is completely incorporated and the mixture is a nice consistency – not too thick, and not runny.
Add a pretty ribbon or piece of washi tape to decorate the jar.

Directions for use: Massage the scrub over damp skin to exfoliate. Rinse with warm water.


Finally give yourself a mini-pedicure and cute pink nail polish to match!

While your nice and relaxed don’t forget to check out the Pregnancy section for more fun pregnancy advice.