Staying Healthy During Pregnancy #BumpUpYourCalcium

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy - Bump Up Your Calcium Intake

It's hard to explain just how much joy you feel when finding out you're pregnant. Not only is there an excitement about becoming a mom, but to experience pregnancy for the first time. For nine months, your body will be working around the clock to grow a human life. It's … [Read more...]

4moms High Chair Review

4moms HighChair Review

Most people would agree that having twins is a challenge. It's almost impossible to explain just how much harder twin babies are to singletons. Not just because they are twice the work, but they take up twice the space! Just imagine having two of everything - crib, … [Read more...]

Three Baby Shower Themes for Fall That Will Be Trendy This Year

Young Women having a baby Shower

Fall is quickly approaching, and if you are thinking ahead to a baby shower you will be hosting when the months get a bit cooler, check out these ideas that will be trendy this year- and for good reason! They can be used for co-ed showers or parents-to-be with any style.  … [Read more...]

Baby-Wearing Made Easy With The LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE

Baby-Wearing Made Easy - LILEBaby COMPLETE

When first time parents create a baby registry list they tend to think of the most obvious items at first - diapers, wipes, a stroller and cute outfits. These are must products, but what other items are too? As a mother of three, one essential baby product I would recommend … [Read more...]

How to Making a Birth Plan For a Smooth Delivery

How to Making a Birth Plan For a Smooth Delivery

I’m not sure how many doctors still tell moms to make a birth plan. Essentially a birth plan is a written out statement of how you want your birth to go. The thought process is that when you are in labor you are not going to be making conscious choices of what you want done so … [Read more...]