5 Easy Nursery Organising Tips


Organization is key to creating the right atmosphere in your newborn’s nursery. Don’t get overwhelmed with all the necessities, toys and clothes piling up. If you’re already in nesting mode, it’s helpful to think ahead. Even if you’re working with a small space, you can create the perfect, cozy corner for your little one. Check out some easy tips to get you started! 


IMG_2915_thumbDivide and label. Boxes, drawers, anything that makes sense – but THE top organising tip for your nursery is to divide your baby’s clothes into sizes. If you can’t find the right size box, get office sized or grocery store leftovers, and wrap them up in something pretty, and stick a label on them. Or pick up some closet organisers (or DIY with your own labels). As your baby grows, it will be easy to move things out as well. 


Basic boxes are the perfect solution for odds and ends that usually get thrown in drawers and lost. This stylish storage solution is easy to label and saves on space by stacking. 


Under-crib storage is an excellent use of space. Use storage boxes for extra diapers and wipes. Keep the storage box out of site with a crib skirt. If you can’t find the right storage boxes, be creative, look for bins, baskets and colourful buckets – functional and easy to decorate. 



Smaller clothes mean more closet space. Create toy storage space at the bottom of the closet. 


Book shelves are another great way to save space. Instead of a bookcase, try mounting shelves on the wall or making use of the inner side of the closet doors.