Destructive Parenting

Destructive Parenting

Most parent’s do it without even knowing they are doing it. Destructive parenting can cause havoc on your relationship with your child if you’re not aware you are a destructive parent. A destructive parent doesn’t listen, doesn’t communicate, doesn’t care, and doesn’t understand.

When a parent is stressed and overwhelmed it’s easy to fall into the destructive parent mode. This behavior becomes destructive parent syndrome and it’s difficult to break away from this negative parenting.

Every parent is guilty of this type of behavior because parent’s aren’t perfect, but the negatives can become positives with a different parenting attitude.

A destructive parent doesn’t listen: Negative parent’s tend to shut off their children. We’ve become to busy to become involved in what our children are saying. When you don’t listen to your child, this destructive behavior can have dire consequences. When you choose not to listen, your child will go elsewhere. They’ll turn to their peers or maybe a stranger. This in turn can lead to all kinds of negative behavior on their part. As a parent you have to listen to what your child is trying to tell you. Never turn off your listening mode. It’s important to hear what your child is trying to say.

A destructive parent  doesn’t communicate: What kind of communicator are you? Do you communicate with your child on a daily basis? Most of us don’t! We have let our communication skills go un-checked. With so much technology in today’s world, our kids are communicating with the unknown. Communication between you and your child is the cornerstone of your parent-child relationship. If you don’t have open communications with your child, then you don’t have a clue to what they are doing. Always keep the channels of communication available to your child. Let them know they can talk to you about anything.

A destructive parent doesn’t care: You see it everyday, the children of neglect and abuse because their parent’s didn’t care. You don’t want to be one of those parents! A parent who doesn’t care what their child does is a destructive parent. A parent who doesn’t care doesn’t love. If you are this type of parent, it’s imperative you change the way you parent. Get help professionally if needed, talk to someone before it’s too late. You can turn this negative parenting skill into a positive. Start small by giving your child a hug. One hug can change everything.

A destructive parent doesn’t understand: How many times does your child say, “you don’t understand”? Probably a lot! Because most of the time we don’t understand our children. As we’ve grown and become parent’s we’ve forgotten what’s it’s like to be kids with problems. A child needs the understanding from their parent’s to get through the simplest problem to the most difficult thing they’ll ever face. You have to be understanding so you can guide them to make the right decisions. If you don’t understand what your child is going through, then their life will change forever in a negative way.

You can turn destructive parenting into constructive parenting by changing the way you think and act. Learn to listen, learn to communicate, learn to care, and learn to understand. If you have these four positive parenting skills, then your child will have everything they need to succeed.