Planning the Perfect Babymoon


The babymoon is billed as a couple’s last chance retreat. A time-out before a new baby arrives. An opportunity for romance, relaxation and fun. It’s a chance to catch your breath and bond – really, a babymoon is whatever you want it to be.

The babymoon can be between couples or can be spent as a growing family. Many women are even using it as a one-person escape. So whether it’s the last kids-less holiday away or a solo spa retreat, here are some ways to make the most of your trip.

Timing. If you’re planning a babymoon during your pregnancy, the most comfortable time to travel is during the second trimester (weeks 14 – 28). That’s typically past the queasiness and before major discomfort and flight restrictions. A mid-pregnancy retreat is extremely popular and is a great way to take a time out and enjoy your pregnancy.

Make it easy. Babymoons are most successful with low-stress, simple arrangements. Minimise travel time. Think direct flights, reasonable driving distances and aisle seats (for frequent bathroom & stretching breaks). Think twice about a destination on the other side of the globe, a cruise if you are prone to sea sickness or extreme adventures.

Relax. Pregnancy can be stressful so opt for destinations with opportunities to sit back and enjoy some low impact activities you like. Look into a designated prenatal retreat. Consider B&Bs with strollable sights, beach resorts or a city getaway with the right dose of entertainment (shows, museums) and serenity (spas, pools).

Health first. Always be prepared – make sure you are familiar with local medical services, have your health info with you when you travel and be up to date with your travel health insurance. Always talk to your doctor before booking a trip.

Make requests. Get the king size and ask for extra pillows. Is there a lot of walking involved? Do they have a shuttle service? Don’t get a room too far from the action – but request something quiet (away from the elevator, not overlooking the pool – see what the hotel suggests). Always be polite and explain your situation – hotel staff and reservations should be happy to go the extra mile and make your stay memorable.

Show off your belly. Cash in on your pregnant lady privileges – and don’t be shy to ask for some extra comforts.

Get pampered. Now is the perfect time for a relaxing massage or that facial. Avoid reflexology and shiatsu. Enjoy a couple’s massage or spa treatment. Ask about special prenatal treatments.

A common top tip is to avoid planning a family style vacation as you will have a lifetime of family vacations ahead and this is a great time to take advantage of the adults-only options. While it’s a great idea to look into babymoon packages, this perspective seems to suggest you won’t ever get time away as a couple or on your own. Life is not over when you become a parent. And if you prefer to take a family style vacation as your babymoon – go for it. As long as it includes some time to relax, do what makes you happy!

Do focus on your relationship. This trip marks a big change in your life and your relationships. Thinking and talking about the future, bonding and spending quality time will make you feel less stressed and more excited.

For more information on travelling while pregnancy, check out our pregnancy travel tips  here. 

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