Instilling Values in Your Child


Parent’s teach their child values from the time they are old enough to understand right from wrong, but are you practicing those values?

The core values as I call them are the basis of your child’s code of conduct. The value’s you teach your child equals their character.You need to firmly establish the following core values beginning at an early age. Parent’s have a duty to instill these core values that carry from childhood throughout adulthood.

Respect, kindness, truthfulness, integrity and decency are the core values a parent must teach their child. These values form their character.

1. Respect: As a  parent you want your child to respect you, but this value must be taught at an early age. Teaching your child respect can begin as soon as your child understands the word no. No is usually the first word a child understands. Parent’s can use this to their advantage. When you tell your child no explain the reason, reiterate and remind your child why. By doing these three simple actions you will gain respect from your child. Remember respect is a two way street. You must also respect your child.

2. Kindness: Kindness is a core value that should follow you child throughout adulthood. As a parent when you teach your child kindness not only are you teaching them to be kind-hearted, but also to become better adults. Kindness can be taught with gentle reminders beginning when your child is a toddler. One of the first steps in teaching kindness is to hug your child. When you hug your child you set a positive example. You are showing what it means to be a kind person. Another step is service. Service is the most important aspect of kindness. When you show your child how to help others you teach them the true meaning of kindness. Remember show not tell.

3. Truthfulness: Children naturally lie. As a parent your job is to teach your child truth is always better no matter the consequences. This core value is probably the most difficult to teach. Children learn by example. It’s like see and say. They watch what you do and repeat what you say. A parent has an obligation not only to teach their child to tell the truth, but lead by example. Be truthful and your child will follow.

4. Integrity: Actions, principles and expectations. These all are the qualities that make up the integrity of a person. For a  parent to teach their child the core value of integrity they must also be accountable for their actions. Actions speak louder than words and a child actually hears what you do instead of what you say.You cannot teach their child about integrity unless you are accountable and have moral principles. Principles are the key ingredient for teaching your child integrity. Without principles integrity is null and void in your home. The expectations of a parent is their child will have integrity. However, for this to happen you must be responsible for your actions and not compromise their principles.

5. Decency: This core value in today’s society has been swept out the door.With television, music and technology bombarding your child with corrupt values it’s your job to teach them decency. As a parent you may struggle with this core value. A parent can feel guilty if they don’t let their child fit in with society. Remember it’s not your job to make your child fit in with today’s world. Your job is to make sure you teach them to behave in a decent manner wherever they go or whatever they do. Decency is a value carried over into adulthood. The most important teaching tool you can give your child is not to conform to their peer’s beliefs but what is right.

Whatever values you teach your child, these five core values are so important in forming your child’s future character.