The Five Love Languages of Parenthood


Being a parent isn’t easy. It’s a stressful job trying to raise a child, but if you know the five love languages of parenthood, you’re job can be much easier and you and your child will have a stress free upbringing.

When it comes to parenting everyone is different. Parents either tend to do what they’ve learned from their parents, which isn’t always the best or try to over-compensate by spoiling. There is no magic pill for parenting, but if you know the five love languages of parenting you will sail through parenthood.

The first love language of parenthood is to get down to their level. Parenting begins the moment you become pregnant and never stops. The first thing you have to learn is to get down on your child’s level. From the time you bring home baby to the first day of school, kids want your attention. If you tower above your child they tend to sense fear. Bend down to their level. Show your child you care by getting down to their level. It’s key to becoming a loving parent.

The second love language of parenthood is to speak to your child’s heart. Parenthood can be frustrating and sometimes your child doesn’t always act the way you want and tempers flair. Instead of screaming at your child, talk to their heart. Kids listen better if you whisper instead of scream. By remaining calm during a meltdown you reinforce your love for your child.

The third love language of parenthood is to make time. Parent’s today always seem to be in hurry. Kids pick up on that and feel unloved and will act out. You have to slow down and smell the love. Because parenting is a full time job, you have to become a full time parent.

The fourth love language of parenthood is to listen. Listening is essential to good parenting. Kids want their parents to pay attention to them. If you take time to listen to what your child is saying, you’ll understand their needs better. With children you can’t have selected hearing. It has to be a two way street.

The fifth and final love language of parenthood is to communicate. Communication is the key in any parent-child relationship. In order to become a kind and loving parent, you have to be able to communicate with your child. Get down to their level, speak to their heart, make time, and listen. All of these are the keys to the love languages of parenthood. If you practice the five love languages daily with your child, not only will your parenting skills improve, but your relationship with your child will as well.

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