Let Your Child Fail


Let’s face it, parent’s want their kids to win. From sports to school competitions winning is drilled into kids from the time they can crawl. But as parent’s are we really sending the right message?

Winning isn’t everything and it isn’t the end of your child’s world. You have to let your kid fail. Kids need to fail. It’s part of life. Your child needs to know he or she won’t always win.

Their lives will be filled with disappointments and it’s your job to let them learn from those disappointments. Why should you let your child fail?

Failure builds character. If you let your child fail not only will they realize life isn’t always easy but sometimes victory is harder to achieve.

Failure builds strength. If your child goes through life winning everything, then they tend to get lazy. He or she won’t work toward a goal, instead they’ll think the prize should be handed to them.

Failure builds development. You want your child to develop into a genuine caring person. Without failure they can’t. If they are always winning and never losing it becomes a habit of “I’m better than you”.

Let your child fail! It’s okay to fail. The road to their success is based on their failures. They have to learn they can’t always win nor should they. The old saying is ‘it’s not about the win, but how you play the game’.  Let your child play the game. Don’t focus of the win.

I’ve come up with a great reminder when it comes to letting kids fail.

Forget about winning

Always give your child support

Imagine the bigger picture

Love your child no matter what

The last part of failure is URE. Remember your in charge of your child’s success and their failure is part of it. If you let your child fail you are building their character and strengths. You’re developing a child who will become an adult filled with the knowledge that failure is okay.

Your child may fail at everything they try, but at least they tried. Even failure is a victory.

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