Give Your Child the Gift of Giving

kids-volunteer-giveIt’s hard to believe it’s only eight weeks until Christmas! Your kids have probably already started making out their Christmas list. Unfortunately, it’s also the time for kids to have the “I wants”.

As a parent you’re torn between getting your kid everything they want and teaching them it’s better to give than receive. The holiday season can be a very stressful time for parent’s but it doesn’t have to be. This is a great time to give your child the gift of giving.

Regardless of their age, kids want everything and sometimes don’t understand they don’t need it all. It’s your job to teach them they don’t need everything. You have to teach them the true meaning of the season.  Give your child the gift of giving this holiday.

Give the gift of time

Kids have a lot of time of their hands during the holidays. This is the perfect time to give them the gift of time. With endless time your child can learn to give to others who don’t have time. The holiday’s can be hectic and by giving time to those who don’t have enough time, you are giving your child a precious gift. There are a lot of great ways to give time back. Have your child babysit for someone who just needs a little time to get away or maybe a neighbor who doesn’t have enough time to shop. Whatever way you choose to give your child the gift of time, they will learn a valuable lesson. Time is a precious gift not to be taken for granted.

Give the gift of compassion

During the holiday season a lot of people go through tough times. Give your child the gift of compassion. Compassion is a gift that needs to be shared as well. When you your child compassion you are teaching your child it’s not all about them or what they receive. It’s about giving to others who don’t have anything. There are several ways to give compassion. During the holiday’s a lot of homeless people fill the streets and shelters, give compassion by taking them a warm meal or blanket. Your child will see and feel compassion for those less fortunate. This gift will last a lifetime.

Give the gift of love

Love is the one gift that keeps giving. This is the gift of giving you want your child to have everyday not just during the holidays. Love is an endless gift and if you give it to your child then they can give it to someone else. During the holidays have your child give love to those who don’t have it. There are many ways your child can share love. Let your child pick a charity during the holidays and give the gift of love. A great charity for your child to give back love is the Good Samaritan Purse. Because this charity centers around kids, your child is more likely to want to give.

What ever you chose to do this holiday season remember to give your child the gift of giving. Teach them it’s always better to give than receive. Your child will still have a long list of things they want, but if your instill giving in their heart, the list want be as important.