10 Top Survival Tips For Your First Trimester



It’s Friday. Whether you are running around at home or wrapping things up at the office, you’ve been looking forward to the end of the week. A chance to get yourself together, get organised, and if you’re extra lucky – to recharge.

Life should be just a little easier on the weekend. And that is why, today I am bringing you a collection of the top survival tips for your first trimester from moms who have been there and done that. These are things they either wished they had known or would never think of doing without. Everyone’s pregnancy is different, but I hope these little pearls of wisdom go a long way in adding to your comfort and health during this special time.

The Bella Band is a smart piece of stretchy fabric that many women, (very passionately) swear by in their first trimester. It smooths out your waistband and helps when your belly is too big for your regular jeans and too small for maternity pants. Yes that’s right – it allows you to wear your jeans unzipped if you need to – great for after you give birth as well.

Body Butter may not be proven to help with stretch marks, but it is soothing and provides relief to itchy skin. Try it with vitamin E or something made with shea butter. It goes the extra mile in taking care of your skin and making you feel good after a shower and before bed.

An exercise ball will do wonders if you are experiencing lower back pain. Sitting on the ball and rocking back and forth provides relief for a sore back when you just aren’t comfortable in a reclining position.

A body pillow can provide excellent additional support at night. Place it under your belly or between your legs, it will help you sleep through the night. The giant u-shape body pillows are particularly popular. They aren’t cheap and they take up a lot of space – but many women say they made all the difference in comfort. However, other women found that just using an additional pillow in the right place did the trick. So find what works best for you.

Comfortable shoes. That is all. 

Coconut..everything! So many women say how much they love incorporating coconuts and coconut products into their diets on their bodies. From water as a super hydrator to oil in preventing stretch marks and boosting a baby’s immune system. Read more about the benefits of coconuts here.

Ginger Altoids to help with nausea. They have a strong smell – but are effective.

Get online. So many women were thankful to have advice at the tips of their fingers. Everything including support forums, book recommendations, exercise tipsand the latest products – there are a lot of resources you can access right from your home. Always remember, when seeking medical advice, the internet is never a substitute for your doctor.

Learn to dress for your body. Pregnancy fashion is a thing – and there are loads of inspirational women teaching us how to feel good at every pregnancy stage online. Take the time to get the right clothes and you’ll be glad you did. The key to your pregnancy wardrobe – buy the right bra.

Online grocery shopping will really take the edge off of a big weekly shop. If you’re really into cooking, you may hate the idea of not choosing your own produce. But there are loads of items that you can get delivered to your door to help ease the burden of pushing around a heavy cart at the store, or lugging things into the house. The rest of the stuff will make for a more leisure visit to the market or store.

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