Heidi Klum Grocery Shops WIth Her Kids

Heidi Klum & Her Kids Shopping At Whole Foods

Heidi Klum, her kids, Leni, Henry, Johan, and Lou went grocery shopping at Whole Foods Brentwood, CA on Friday (Aug. 2).

The America’s Got Talent judge was dressed in a sweater, grey skinny jeans and hightop runners while putting their grocery items on the checkout conveyer belt. Lou helped while Henri took control of the cart. 

Heidi who is originally from Germany has tried to teach her children her native tongue. Although, her parents think her children could speak German better.

“My dad is always annoyed because they don’t speak it as well as they should, but in school they only get to speak English. And when they get home they don’t want to sit through German lessons. They learn it casually when my parents visit,” she explained.

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet