Children Born To Obese Moms At Higher Risk

Children Born To Obese Moms At Higher Risk
According to a study published this week in the British Medical Journal, children born to overweight mothers are more likely to die early of heart disease.

The Scottish study found that those born to obese women are 35% more likely to die before they reach 55, and have a 42% higher chance of being admitted to hospital for heart attack, angina and stroke than those born to mothers of a normal weight.

It is not known how much of the link is down to genetics, influences in the womb or later lifestyle. Previous research has shown a link between obesity in pregnancy and changes in appetite control and metabolism in children.

Everyone agrees on one point – investing in a healthy lifestyle has undisputed benefits.

Tim Chico, at the University of Sheffield, said:

No parent wants to think that their actions might affect the health of their children, and this is a powerful motivation to change our behaviour. If a mother is overweight, it may be her children that pay the price.

Professor Rebecca Reynolds, of the University of Edinburgh stressed that the results highlighted the importance of current advice to maintain a healthy weight, eat sensibly and keep active during pregnancy.