Heidi Klum Indulges In Iced Coffee With Boyfriend and Leni

Exclusive... Heidi Klum And Martin Kristen Take Leni To Starbucks

Heidi Klum, her boyfriend Martin Kristen, and her daughter Leni enjoyed a quick stop at starbucks to pick up iced coffees in Brentwood, California on Tuesday (May 21).

The America’s Got Talent judge donned a striped maxi dress while her former bodyguard looked casual in a blue t-shirt, track shorts and runners. Leni looked super happy as she smiled and held both of their hands.Klum maintains her model physique by eating lots of greens and having one healthy smoothie a day.

“I try to get in as many greens or raw foods as I can and my New Year’s resolution was to start my day with a smoothie, and I do. My kids drink the smoothies too. We do a gigantic smoothie in the morning, but it’s not like powders and all that stuff. It’s a mix of fruits and vegetables like carrots, blueberries, grapefruit, lemons, and pineapple. Whatever I have, I throw in there every morning. It’s so yummy and it’s good for you—we do that every morning, ” she told OK Magazine.

She especially enjoys smoothies because they are extremely healthy for her four kids.

“It’s a lot of work and cleaning up the machine and all that,  but I think it’s so important, especially for my kids. I think once they run off and they’re in school, I don’t know what they eat, so I have to make sure I get them out of the house with a good kick-start.”

What healthy snacks do you give your kids?