Teething? Or just Fussy?

Teething? Or just Fussy?Baby C’s not sick, no runny rose or cough…he’s fussy during the day, sleeping a lot more, drooling excessively and gnawing on everything. There was one day that he had a 99 degree temperature but overall its been about 98.8 degree. We can see a tiny white dot on the bottom gum. As a first time parent, I am finding myself looking at Google, WebMD, and BabyCenter for answers. Could it be that he’s teething?

Since we are not 100% sure we didn’t want to give him Tylenol. We decided to use natural or homeopathic products so we are trying Camilia and Hylands Teething tablets.  One of the mommies at my Mommy and Me class said that the Hylands Teething tablets don’t desolve as quickly as you would like so it is better to start with Camilia. We tried Camilia twice in the last few days and it seems to work or at least calm him within about 15 minutes.  If you are interested in Camilia, they have a coupon on their website and you can find their products at Whole Foods or natural stores.

Baby C doesn’t quite know what to do with the teething rings yet. We have a Disney Baby one that you don’t chill and a Nuby Teether that you put in the fridge. It is easier for him to hold the Disney Baby one because the ring is thinner. For some reason, he would rather put my hand or one of his other toys in his mouth than the teethers.

We also bought the Kidsme Feeder from Amazon.com. My good friend recommended it and she said she likes it better than the mesh feeders.  I froze a couple of small cubes of breastmilk and put it in there for Baby C to suck on. At first, he wasn’t sure what to do with it but he is slowly getting the hang of it. I think the frozen milk might be soothing for his gums because he wants to suck on everything!

 What age did your kids start teething? What did you use to soothe them?