Teething Babies: How to Soothe

So my 3 month old is teething. Has been for the past three weeks, starting at just two months! If that is not unfair, then I don’t know what is! Poor guy is a slobbering mess. His gums are swollen and my good natured little dude is fussy and clearly in pain.

I learned quick with my first, who also began teething early, a frozen cloth or waffle works best at this age. They cant really hold anything a that age but need something to help relieve their pain. I am not so big on Orajel after the FDA issued a warning against the Benzocaine.

Once they get a bit older a dose of Advil does the trick too. But one thing I really LOVE – the mesh teether. Put your favorite frozen fruit in it and let them go to town. This is how we survived teething. My son LOVED it. I think the cold and it being new flavors and “eating” made it more interesting as well.

What do you do for soothing teething pain?

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