Life According To Me, With a Twenty Month Old


It’s spring time and what better way to start it than a visit to the Easter Bunny?

Last week, I took my daughter Ava to see the Easter Bunny at a local mall. She was a little nervous when meeting Santa Claus this passing year, so I was curious to see if a big bunny would cause the same reaction. I tried to show her the bunny first and then slowly brought her to him. Ava had no problem sitting on him, but taking a picture was a whole different thing. As you can see from the picture above, she was nowhere near comfortable enough to smile. Although, once she got down and checked out the display area more she totally opened up and wanted to talk to the ‘bunny’.

At our home, we do not celebrate ‘Easter’ in the religious sense. For us, it is more a day to celebrate the changing of the season and to do some special for Ava.

Yesterday, we decorated eggs. We dipped a dozen eggs in dyes and then put some cute bunny stickers on them. I don’t know if Ava enjoyed dumping the eggs in the dye or hitting the eggs together more 🙂

Today, I’ve set up a egg trail around the house for Ava to follow and find little gifts left for her by the Easter Bunny. Since it is only Easter, I don’t buy anything to big. She will get stickers (her favourite), egg shaped play dough and a small stuffed toy.

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend with their family!