Beverley Mitchell Shows Off Maternity Photos


While sharing her maternity photos in a new blog postBeverley Mitchell opens up about remodeling her house with husband Michael Cameron for their future daughter.

The 7th Heaven star insists when she first became pregnant she thought the pregnancy was going to take forever, but after completely renovating their home in anticipation of their future bundle of the joy the time simply flew by.

“It is truly remarkable how quickly 39 weeks can fly by! At the beginning  it felt like this whole pregnancy thing was going to take forever but here I am, wishing for just a little more time.” she wrote.

“Michael and I have been busting our buns to complete our home renovation, and it was no small feat considering we repainted every surface of the house, put in new carpet, new tile, new fireplaces, all new furniture, new wallpaper, brand-new windows, all new lighting and re-insulated the whole house,” adding, “We really took this house project to a whole new level — I guess when I nest, I really nest!

Beverley admits now that her pregnancy is coming to and she wishes she took more pictures documenting the weeks. Although, she is happy she and her husband agreed to take these maternity shots at her 39th week.

“As I reach the end of this pregnancy is that I didn’t take as many photos as I’m now wishing I did — I wasn’t always the best at documenting the whole experience. Looking back, I don’t know why I fought it and should have had a little more fun with the changes,” she tells. “I am so glad Michael and I did it. We shot the images at just about my 39th week so I am ready to pop! Honestly, I was a little hesitant and didn’t know how the photos would turn out, but am blown away and so incredibly grateful to have them as we embark on this next great adventure.”

What do you think of the pictures? Did you take maternity shots while pregnant?