Charlize Theron Takes Jackson For a Rockin’ Trim

Charlize Theron Takes Son Jackson for a Trim

Charlize Theron along with her mom, Gerda, took son Jackson for a haircut at Rock N’ Cuts in Beverly Hills, CA on Saturday (March 2).

Theron who wore a printed summer dress and beige sweater happily watched the 1-year-old get a trim in a toy race car. Meanwhile, her mom like a proud grandma supervised the trim, so it would be just perfect. 

Last weekend the actress also attended the Academy Awards with her mom.

During the show, performed a dance number with Channing Tatum before presenting an award to Quentin Tarantino for Best Original Screenplay.

The single mother  revealed that she might be interested in having more children.

“More?” she asked E!, adding, I don’t know. I mean, if all my kids could be like Jackson, I’d have 10 more right now.”

Theron adopted Jackson last March.

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet