Sarah Jessica Parker Takes Her Little Fashionistas To School

Sarah Jessica Parker Takes Her Girls To School

 Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted taking her twins Tabitha and Marion  to school in New York City on Tuesday (Feb. 26).

The 3-year-old twins appear to be taking after their mom’s good fashion sense.

Marion looked stylish in red jacket over a bubble shirt with striped tights and flats.  Tabitha wore a similar style jacket, but in purple over a dress and pink Gap ballet leggings with flowery grey boots.

The former Sex and the City actress is often pictured taking taking the two girls and her 10-year-old son James Wilkie to school.

“I never wanted to be a celebrity; I never wanted to be famous,” Parker once told. “In my daily life, I work really hard to not trade on it in any way. It’s not like it’s hard to be decent and respectful and well-behaved. I do wait in line, and I do take the subway, and I do do my own grocery shopping, and I do take the kids to school.” 

The actress and her actor husband Matthew Broderick also try to schedule work commitments on different days and months.

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet