Nick Lachey Poses on New Album Cover With Son Camden


How adorable is this picture?

Nick Lachey‘s baby boy Camden, shares the spotlight with his dad on the cover of the singer’s upcoming album, A Father’s Lullaby.

In the adorable shot, the 5-month-old looks just like his dad with piercing baby blue eyes and dark hair while being snuggled close.

“When I first learned that I was going to be a father, I was inspired to create a special tribute to my son,” the proud dad and husband to Vanessa Minnillo said in a release for the album. “Music has always been an incredibly significant part of my life and a meaningful way in which I express myself.”

The new album, which is being produced in conjunction with Fisher-Price and Mood Entertainment will feature 12 songs, including 4 original tracks co-written by Nick.

The album’s title song, Father’s Lullaby, was written as a tribute to both Nick’s father John and to his son Camden, “representing the passing of love from generation to generation.”  

A Father’s Lullaby will be available for download on iTunes and on March 13.