Rebecca Gayheart & Eric Dane Take Daughter Billie Birthday Shopping

Rebecca Gayheart & Eric Dane Take Billie Shopping

Rebecca Gayheart and Grey’s Anatomy actor Eric Dane took their adorable three-year-old daughter Billie out shopping at Est Hollywood, California on February 23, 2013.   It is Billie’s birthday today and the adorable little girl turns three years old.

Rebecca and Eric have been married for eight years and they have two children Billie and one-year-old Georgia Geraldine.   When asked how they met Rebecca said, “It’s probably one of the least interesting stories in the world. It went basically like this: ‘You wanna go out?’ ‘Yeah, sure.’ Ten months later, we were married.”

Rebecca was dressed casually in torn jeans, baby blue cotton shirt and runners, while blond curly top Billie had on a jean jacket, blue dress, matching tights and runners.  Rebecca recently said about Billie, “Billie is a spitfire.  We call her my spirited, challenging child cause she’s just full of fire.”

We wish the Little Spitfire, a Happy Birthday!