Mindy McCready Court Committed, Loses Kids

Mindy McCready Court Committed, Loses Kids

Isn’t it a shame how for years now Mindy McCready has only made headlines for her long list of personal problems rather than her talent? Last month her boyfriend, David Wilson was mysteriously gunned down outside the couples’ home and it’s a situation that has raised more than a few eyebrows. Mindy insists that she didn’t pull the trigger but has had a hard time believing that he committed suicide.

According to those close to the troubled country singer she has had an extremely difficult time dealing with the loss of David and has turned to alcohol to help ease the pain. Family members intervened this week and successfully had Mindy court committed. According to Radar Online,

“Family members sought to have Mindy committed to a mental-health facility and there was an emergency hearing today. They just got out of court a little while ago and the judge committed her for up to 21 days.”

The singers two sons are now apparently in the care of DHS which I find interesting. People intervened to get Mindy help because she was incapable of caring for herself and her kids, but then they let those kids land in the hands of a state agency. Usually a family member will step up and take temporary custody. Once children are in state custody it’s often a struggle for a birth parent to get them back. Mindy obviously needs mental help now, regardless of how David died, but with her history she’s likely to have a real battle on her hands to retain physical custody of her boys once she is released.

What do you think of this story? Do you think Mindy was actually involved in David’s death or is she truly the grieving person left behind? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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