Britney Spears & Her Boys Take Their Pups To The Vet

Britney Spears Takes Her Pets To A Dog Hotel

Britney Spears along with her two boys Sean & Jayden took their dogs to visit the vet at The Barkley Pet Hotel in Los Angeles, Ca on Sunday (Feb. 3).

The former X Factor host wore a grey sweater and pyjamas shorts as she carried a little while puppy out of the the vet.  Sean walked ahead holding their famous dog, Hannah Spears who was dressed in a pink Tutu.  Jayden was not in the mood to be pictured and hid his head behind his hands.

It seems the rumors that Spears has agreed to headline show in a Las Vegas casino are true.

The news was hinted on Hannah’s Twitter page:

“Mommy, are dogs allowed to gamble in vegas? Gonna cash all my bones in for chips,”  the dog ‘tweeted’ to her mommy.

“I don’t think so honey,” Spears tweeted back.

No official details have been released.