Morning Sickness Blues

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Obviously morning sickness is probably one of the biggest bummers to pregnancy. There are a million different suggestions on how to cure it and everything works differently for everyone, but here are my suggestions and what worked for me!

With both my kids I got lucky and had very little vomiting. Before you curse my name, know that I was sick nearly every single day, like on the couch wanting to lose my lunch style. So, I suppose I would have rather had the vomit and then feel better situation over the feel like crap 24/7 one that I had. None the less, we pushed on! For my first pregnancy it seemed as though nothing would help. The things that did help with pregnancy #1 was eating smaller meals, more often. Those early few weeks with my son I was starving like all the sudden my metabolism figured out how to work. I was actually losing weight despite not vomiting much. I did my best to curve the sickies with small easy meals. I loved soup and sandwiches! The light easy soups stayed down and since I eat simple sandwiches it helped fill me up with something other than broth. Ginger ale was a great helper too; it kept my tummy at bay when I wasn’t feeling so fabulous.

When my second pregnancy rolled around I figured I’d follow the same steps. With my daughter I had even less vomiting but was purely exhausted. I was also working full time and chasing a 1 year old at that point! It was a different ball game. Rather than food tricks, sleep was my cure for sickness this time. I still had that 24/7 icky feeling, but the only thing that would cure it was a good nap.

If you’re having a harder time finding the magic cure for your morning sickness consider what may be causing you to feel sick (other than baby of course!). For me smells were horrible those first few weeks. Certain smells that would have never bothered me before were a huge pregnancy turn off! I could walk into a room and be instantly nauseated by a smell and then my whole day was off. At the same token there were plenty of smells that weren’t a bother. You’re body is going through many changes during pregnancy and perhaps foods that would have never given you trouble in the past are different now with your body. I always craved “bad food” when I was pregnant! I swear to you I could have lived off burritos and tacos while I was pregnant, however, my tummy didn’t agree. Sometimes you just can’t give into those baby cravings! Try things like milk shakes, smoothies, oat meal, pudding, grits, mashed potatoes for easier meals that are filling but easy on the tummy.

If you’re really having a hard time keeping food down speak with your doctor. There are plenty over the counter options you can try. Sea sick bands (that you wear on the wrist) are great for some people and totally harmless. There are also medicines you can take prescribed by your doctor that will help curb sickness but not advised for everyone.  There are also different candy type things that you can pick up almost anywhere that help ease morning sickness.

Hopefully your morning sickness will be easy on you! Make sure to keep your doctor in the loop on how you’re feeling so they can help as best as possible!

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