Refinished Nursery

This week I’m all about being on a budget, so let’s talk nurseries. Who doesn’t want the perfect celebrity nursery- I know I’d want it for my kids! However, I don’t make even a fraction of what a celebrity does, so my kids are settling with the retail store budget I live off of. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t make the best nursery ever!

Let’s assume you have not a creative bone in your body, here are some simple ways to create the prefect nursery on a small budget.

Craigslist or other resale furniture places are a great place to start. Low top dressers make great changing stations. You can find a used dresser with minimal wear and tear for reasonable. Let’s say you’re working in a tight budget. Just for grins in giggles I was able to find a low top dresser on my local craigslist for $25, however, it was tore up to say the least! It can easily be refinished or stained if it is solid wood. For a less time consuming project, try paint. White furniture always offers a clean look. Looking for something a bit more whimsical? Try adding a touch of color to coordinate your nursery bedding. Paint some trim work or get colored hardware for a subtle look or the whole drawer front for a more intense effect. A fun idea for hardware is to buy a precut wood shape from a craft store (.50$ each!), attach it to a small dowel rod that’s been cut down and secure to the dresser with a screw! Cheap and easy way to add personality to a ‘boring’ dresser. Another easy finish is finding wallpaper or contact paper. These can offer a fun pattern and usually easier than refinishing. If you’re lucky enough to score a dresser that doesn’t need to be refinished but could use a little touching up, try adding new hardware for a fresh look. Top with a changing pad if desired (I always just did a few blankets) and a decorative basket or box to hold all the diapering essentials and you’ve got a completed changing station! Total project cost: about $30+

Cribs are a bit trickier of a subject and will run you a bit more. Let’s assume you can score a crib for free: Purchase your favorite KID SAFE paint and go to town. Keep in mind this will be an extensive project as most stains and paints will require you to sand first and sanding each bar for the crib can get time consuming, but again, if you’re on a budget, this could save you tons! A new crib for junior can run you from $150 (for a basic crib) to unimaginable prices! You’d be lucky to score a hand-me-down crib and put a little TLC into it for a new look by using a kid safe paint (talk to your local paint store to find the best deal and the best product- “green” paints are also a great route to try). This is also great if you already have a crib from an older sibling and just want a new fresh nursery look. Another easy way to add a pop of fun, sew or purchase crib sleeves. These are sleeves that go over each individual crib slat. They can add up if you purchase them, but you can easily make them and save money there. This would be a more bold option if you used a fun bright print for your crib slats! Total project cost: about $50+

Window treatments are another easy solution to add color and fun! If you can sew these are extremely simple to make and lost in cost depending on types of fabrics and price per yard. Let’s assume, like me, you have no sewing talents what so ever. Go for a box valance. Start by purchasing some foam sheet insulation (it’s light weight and easy to use!). You’ll need to measure your window accordingly and assemble pieces to make a shallow U shape. You’ll then cover your U shape with batting and fabric from your local store using heavy duty glue. Assemble to the wall using L brackets and you’ve got a brand new box valance for super cheap! (you can google this for a great tutorial online- simple and affordable!) Total project cost: about $30+

There are a million different ways to decorate your nursery to tie things together. Try simple projects like using cheap canvases from a local craft store and cutting out the letters of your child’s name in fun scrap book paper. Attach each letter to a canvas and hang! Looking for a more inexpensive route? Try hanging the scrap book paper letters with a bit of ribbon for a very affordable project (about $10!). You can also do this idea and create cars, flowers, and hearts or sports images by using scrap book paper and cutting the desired shape. Want a more finished look? Frame your images for easy and cheap artwork to match any nursery!

As always, if you attempt something like this please share!