Baby News: Reese Witherspoon’s New Son’s First Pic, Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert Pregnant & Lots More!

Baby news, baby news, baby news

Baby news, baby news, baby news – no, the stork didn’t have a mental breakdown mid-flight, celebrities had too much time for rest and relaxation! On the latest cover of Life & Style, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton present their plans to have country music’s cutest baby this side of Carrie Underwood. Lambert’s shiny Hayden Panettiere lookalike face pops out under the chiseled chin of Blake. The tagline reads, “Blake & Miranda – We’re Having A Baby!” Are we now? Ah, break out the baby pink non-alcoholic champers and have a good ol’ country ho-down!

On the left side of the magazine, Reese Witherspoon poses withoutherspoon, but she does pose with her baby in a circle insert near her smiling “Ehmargerd, I don’t have a career anymore” face. Look, we’ll give it to the faded actress; the baby is cuter than a kitten rolled in toilet paper! Her lovely tagline reads, “Reese: First Pics Of Her New Son”. According to Life & Style, there’s also baby news regarding Gisele Bundchen’s bump – could it be binge eating and not a baby? – Giuliana Rancic’s latest baby milestone, and stories about Katie Holmes, Twilight, and the perfect bag (literally, the perfect handbag).

We’ve seen it time and time again here at Celeb Baby Laundry, babies sell faster than any hot cake and/or drama cake. The covers of magazines are usually filled to the brim with smiling faces and perfect couples holding their brood in a warm blanket. See, there are two types of people in Hollywood – the first type pops out more babies than a bored family in Kansas, and the second type subtly alerts the media that they have a growing tiny person inside of them. Both of these types do extremely well in the media arena, but the subtle and classy stars usually have the upper hand when it comes to baby popping.

Babies, babies, babies everywhere!