Tori Spelling Confides: She Almost Died Giving Birth To Baby Finn

Tori Spelling Confides: She Almost Died Giving Birth To Baby Finn

Tori Spelling’s most recent pregnancy has been marked by difficulties along the way. Every expecting mother feels that sense of urgency waiting to come out, but for Tori, she faced panic almost daily. Tori was diagnosed with placenta previa, which means the placenta forms too low in the uterus, causing cramping and bleeding.

Tori described the terror of finding out, “The first bleed happened at eight weeks. I was getting a massage at home and I felt wetness. I looked down and saw blood. My heart dropped. I started screaming for Dean [McDermott] and told him, ‘I just had a miscarriage.’ But the next day I went to the hospital and the doctor said everything was fine.”

As a mother of three, Tori is pretty familiar with pregnancy, so it must have been an awful shock! She continued, “I just remember thinking, I can’t leave three children behind.” Her doctor thinks she suffered placenta previa because she became pregnant with Finn too soon after having baby Hattie. She also had three c-sections. Fortunately, Tori explained that she had 9 awful bleeds during her pregnancy, but Finn was born on August 30th and is handsome and healthy.

 We love happy endings, and are so delighted that Tori has one. But it sounds like a really stressful pregnancy—she even said doctors were worried she would have to terminate the pregnancy because of the internal bleeding. Fortunately, 10 weeks in the hospital and four months on bed rest turned out to be just what she needed. You can check out pictures of Tori and her four children in this week’s edition of US Weekly.

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