Mandy Moore Is Waiting To Have Children

Mandy Moore is in no rush to become a mom!

The singer insists she and husband of three years,  Ryan Adams are not planning to have children in the near future.

“I’m 28, so I think I have time,” Moore told Us Weekly on Wednesday at the West Hollywood launch of Rachel Zoe‘s Jockey Major Must-Haves.

The couple “definitely” want children in “a couple of years”, but right now they are enjoying just being a couple.

“We’re enjoying the animal children first,”  Moore reasons of the couple’s pets: Rescue cats Vincent and Theo and adopted dog Joni.

Moore’s also trying to learn her way around the kitchen before having to whip up baby food.

“I don’t cook very well at all,” she admits. “I’m the girl that can’t make scrambled eggs.”

How long did you are your significant other wait to have children?