Bébé au Lait: A Favorite Of Celeb Moms & Everyday Mom

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A whole new way to breastfeed!

Bébé au Lait is a California based company that was established in 2004 and gained fame through their award winning stylish nursing cover and burp cloths.

Celebrities like How I Met Your Mother‘s, Alyson Hannigan love Bébé Au Lait. As of recent, the actress’ newborn daughter Keeva was spotted cuddling with a Bébé au Lait Lille throw blanket. The brands popularity doesn’t stop their though because ‘normal’ moms love their soft fabrics too! When Ava was born I had the pleasure of trying out the nursing Covers and burp Cloth.  Both were life savers.

I respect woman who can bare their breast and have no problem with it, but unfortunately that is not me.  Before I got the Bébé au Lait nursing cover, I would constantly struggle to cover myself. If I were out I would run to the car, so no one would see me and if I had people over I would go in the other room. Not only was that a pain, but I hated covering my daughter with a blanket because they are thick and not breathable.

When I started using the Bébé au Lait nursing cover my life completely changed. The nursing cover has a RigiFlex™ rigid neckline, a adjustable neck strap, and pockets for the basics. I could openly breastfeed my daughter while feeling comfortable and have her covered without worrying about her not being able to breath right. The nursing covers also come in over 20 different stylish designs.

Their burp clothes are also great. I love the thick and luxurious feel of them. They are 100% cotton terry and feature the brands signature patterns.  Meaning you can have the same design burp clothes as your nursing cover.  Perfect for the stylish mom!

To learn more about Bébé au Lait you can visit there website.

GIVEAWAY Bebe Au Lait has agreed to give one of our lucky readers (1) Katori Gift Set which includes a nursing cover and 3 matching burp cloths. The suggested retail price for a gift set is $50.00. If you are interested in winning please leave a comment about your breastfeeding experiences or if you are expecting what are your worries about breastfeeding? The winner will be contacted Thursday, October 25 2012 by email.

Thank you, for all your entries. The lucky winner is Cheryl.