Who Are The Highest Paid Celebrity Parents?

Steven Speilberg Out In London Forbes just released their annual Top 21 highest paid celebrities in the world. The magazine took into account endorsements, profits, upfront pay and advertising work when compiling the list. Oprah who ranked the highest paid celebrity is not a parent, but many celeb parents made the list.

Here is a list of celebrity parents that made the list:

2. Steve Speilberg – The highest paid celebrity parent is director Steven Speilberg. Th father of seven racked in a staggering $130 million dollars this year. Spielberg’s DreamWorks created four new shows, including Terra Nova and Smash. On top of that, the prolific producer stepped back into directing with two movies that hit theaters last Christmas, The Adventures of Tintin and War Horse. Both films were nominated for Oscars.

3.  Dr Dre – $110 million.

7.  Howard Stern – $95 Million

8. James Patterson – $94 Million

9. George Lucas – $90 Million

11. Glenn Beck – $80 Million

12.  Elton John – $80 Million

13. Tom Cruise – $75 Million

14. Dick Wolf – $70 Million

16. Manny Pacquiao – $67 Million

17. Dr. Phil – $64 Million

18. Donald Trump – $63 Million

20. Britney Spears – $58 Million

21. Tiger Wood – $58 Million

Any surprises? Do you find it odd that the only celebrity mother to make the list was Britney Spears?

Image credit: FameFlynet Pictures