So Wrong: Plastic Surgery Centre Gives Our Beloved Disney Characters a Makeover

So Wrong: Plastic Surgery Clinic Gives Our Beloved Disney Characters a Makeover

How do you spell WRONG!!! This is so not right, a plastic surgery centre decided to take our beloved Disney characters a plastic surgery makeover.  What kind of message does this send to our children.

The Little Mermaid has received a make-over from Clinica Dempere – a plastic surgery centre in Venezuela, or Infectionville, however which way you look at it. The ads show Ariel resting her head on her one hand, smiling like a drunken girl after a night of binge drinking. The slogan of the ad reads, “We make fairytales come true!” Uh, didn’t anyone tell you that you’re scarring a fictional princess?

Behind Ariel’s resting booty, a part of her tail is seen lying on an operating table, with a surgeon cutting away the excess junk. Oh, did we mention that her tail has been removed also? (How jealous would this have made Darryl Hannah in Splash?) She escapes the evil Ursula in the background, but the poor girl’s fate is left up to a plastic surgeon whose head looks like a dying cupcake.

Almost no fairy tale character is left “untouched” as the ads even include the evil witch and the  frog from Princess and the Frog.

Is this a form of vile social commentary? Has society become so obsessed with beauty and beauty products that no area of marketing is left untouched?

these ads send the message of “it is okay to hate your mermaid tail, because we’ll cut you up quicker than the victims at Jason Voorhees’ house party.” The message is sickening. Why can’t we go back to the golden age of Atari and riding on bicycles and playing with pet rocks?

What do you think of these ads?  Hit the comments and let us know!

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